Partner Testimonials


"re:publica is one of the most important digital events in Europe. There is no way round it if you want to find out which individuals, technologies, and issues will affect the internet now and in the future. re:publica is an annual must-attend event for us googlers."

Google Deutschland GmbH


"re:publica is always a chance for us to engage in dialogue with digital society’s pioneers and visionaries and to obtain feedback. And of course it is important to us that participants realize how many and which innovative solutions IBM has to offer."

IBM Deutschland GmbH

Micrososft Deutschland GmbH

"As Microsoft Deutschland, we asked ourselves where the digital economic miracle and the future of work begin. The answer is: In the minds. We partnered with re:publica to 'enter uncharted territory and to tackle the digital transformation' together with the leading figures of the industry."

Micrososft Deutschland GmbH

Staatsministerium Baden-Württemberg

"re:publica is an excellent environment for us to talk to young specialists and executives in a relaxed atmosphere, and to call attention to Baden-Württemberg’s advantages. At re:publica, our team further educates itself and we meet a lot of interesting people."

Staatsministerium Baden-Württemberg

Press Testimonials

Berliner Zeitung #rp17

“Launched in 2007 as a nerd event of sorts with around 700 visitors, it has become a compulsory event for media professionals and many others.”


Berliner Zeitung, 7 May 2017

Deutschlandfunk #rp17

The re:publica doesn’t simply want to be a place of debate, but also a space for artistic interaction, live and direct. (...) Put simply, a ‘document of the zeitgeist of the digital society’.”


Deutschlandfunk, 8 May 2017 

Stuttgarter Nachrichten #rp17

“In Germany there’s no getting around the re:publica conference for anyone who wants to have a say in the digital shift happening in society.”


Stuttgarter Nachrichten, 8 May 2017 

rbb #17

“From social bots all the way to networked sex toys - re:publica 2017 challenged its visitors with a huge array of offers and topics.”


RBB, 10 May 2017

Spiegel Online #rp17


“re:publica web conference is currently taking place in Berlin – the city of love for some – the topic this year just happens to be: Love out Loud. Finally, a good trend coming out of Berlin. Feel free to join in.”


Spiegel Online, 9 May 2017 

Deutsche Welle #rp17

“With the internet still finding mention in seemingly every second sentence at the conference, re:publica itself has long since moved beyond just the web, dealing with topics such as love and hate, democracy and dictatorship, freedom of opinion and data protection, justice and injustice.”


Deutsche Welle, 9 May 2017 

Heise Online #rp17

“While the last years have seen re:publica conference often characterised by the resistance against an insubordinate regulation of the internet as a social sphere, this year opened with several contributions focused on how to prevent the drifting apart of the internet.”


Heise Online, 9 May 2017

The Washtington Post #rp17

“The Event is one of the world’s largest symposiums on digital culture, blogs, social media and the information society.”


The Washtington Post, 9 May 2017


“The re:publica, now in its 10th year, examines the confluence of digital society with media, government, entertainment, technology and culture.”


USA Today, 10 May 2017

Irish Tech News #rp17

"re:publica: Europe's Answer to Digital 'Woodstock' "


Irish Tech News, 15 May 2017

Speaker Testimonials


"For music tech and for innovation in general, Berlin is the capital of the world. And re:publica is a fabulous conference, an amazing junction of different ideas. To me this is incredibly important, as I have made it my business to bridge art and science, academia and industry and join everybody in one space to create new things and a buzzing atmosphere, similar to what we are experiencing here, at re:publica."

Michela Magas, founder Music Tech Fest and member of the Advisory Board of the European Commission's Horizon2020 programme


"Very few forums manage to attract activists and policy makers; hackers and technologists; digital media enthusiasts and skeptics; and ends up leaving impacting all of them positively. Re:publica is one of those"

Fadi Salem, School of Government , Dubai


"Possibly the most stimulating and enjoyable festivals of ideas and creativity and thinking that I've ever participated in."

Mark Graham, Director of Research | Oxford Internet Institute


"re:publica is a truly global event, with a diverse range of speakers who are unafraid to speak truth to power."

Jillian C. York, EFF, Director for International Freedom of Expression