Side Events #RPDUB

There are lots of things to explore at the #rpDUB: it goes without saying that besides the regular programme of discussions, talks, meetups and workshops, we have a variety of activities in store for you!

Here’s a quick overview (aka the what-when-where) of all the activities and other exciting and surprising things happening off-stage during the #rpDUB:

Sept. 7, all day: THE #rpDUB TWITTER GAME

1. Follow @pressplaytoplay on Twitter 2. Throughout the day various challenges will be announced in the Twitter stream 3. Complete challenges, work together, be social, creative and weird (or none of the above) and collect rainbow-coloured points, handcrafted by invisible unicorns 4. There will be a prize for the winner(s), though winning isn’t the main objective. Join the game’s closing ceremony at the Cobblestone pub in the evening!

Sept. 7, 5.30pm–7pm: Dublin Walking Tour After a full day of talks and brain workouts, we’ll gather for a walking tour of Dublin! Meeting point: in front of Light House Cinema (max 25 people)

Sept. 7–8, all day: Create your europeanpa55port This participatory artwork will challenge notions of national identity using transnational European identity as an alternative. With members of the public taking part by working with their own passport covers, this piece will instigate, develop and maintain a conversation surrounding the relevance of national and European identity as BREXIT approaches.

DEEP VR Explore a beautiful and mysterious underwater world: Meet Bryan Duggan and experience DEEP, a meditative VR game controlled by your breathing

photo credit: re:publica/Gregor Fischer (CC BY-SA 2.0)

re:connecting Europe 2017

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