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These were some of our #rpTHE highlights from day 2! We’ve also got few tips for what’s in store today. Check it out.


Things finally get underway from 11 till 13 September: The second edition of re:connecting EUROPE begins in Thessaloniki. Here are three of our highlights:


Dublin isn’t just the home of the second #rpDUB running, it’s also a city well worth exploring. We’ve put together a little package of ideas and tips of things to do and see in Dublin.


re:publica is one of the biggest conferences for digital culture in the world and it’s coming to Dublin on 7 and 8 September.


It's time to present another speakers to you! Tanya Lokot will be speaking at both #rpDUB and #rpTHE. She is a Lecturer in Journalism at the School of Communications, Dublin City University. Read more about her in this Interview. 


May we present our speakers to you? Next up is the Irish entrepreneur Eoin Kennedy who will hold a talk on what technology can or cannot do for rural societies.


We’re almost there, only two weeks left! re:publica is heading out on a field trip to Dublin and Thessaloniki and we’ve prepared quite the fantastic programme package for both events. Take a look! 


You want more programme? Then come take a look. We now have more sessions from the Call for Participation online.


We are very happy to announce our collaboration with Reworks Agora! Together, we’ll be co-curating a panel at re:publica Thessaloniki from 11 to 13 September, as well as offering you the chance to attend both conferences with a nice price combo ticket.


May we present our speakers to you? The next speakers we’d like to introduce are Antonella Napolitano and Marina Petrillo – journalists whose work focuses on migration and the refugee crisis. They will be speaking at #rpTHE.


The first submissions from our call are being evaluated now! Check out our programme for re:connecting Europe in Dublin & Thessaloniki. And don't forget, you can still hand in your own ideas until July 16th!


We have something special prepared for you in Thessaloniki: re:boat. We thought we could use the fact that we're in a port for sessions and more on board.


By the first deadline, we had already received more than 40 of your submissions, and so we just wanted to say: Thank You! 

re:publica 2017

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We've tricked out the back area behind the STATION to make sure we get the party started right after the session’s end. Starting at 9:30 p.m., the courtyard of the STATION will slowly start to be cleared out and together we’ll move into the back area of the #rp17.


The #FASHIONTECH LAB BERLIN at the re:publica lets you experience hands-on fashion. Stop by our makerspace to check it out! 


There are lots of things to explore at the #rp17: it goes without saying that besides the regular programme of discussions, talks, meetups and workshops, we have a variety of activities in store for you! The re:publica track is home to everything this year’s supporting programme has to offer.


The GIG community will be joining the re:publica 2017 with over 40 participants from 20 countries to ensure a programme that encompasses a diversity of perspectives from all over the world.


How can technology help us learn more about nature? How can it reduce our ecological footprint and how well connected can you be in the countryside? These are the questions we’ll be asking at #rp17, but also at the IGA! Have a read for yourselves.


In just a few weeks the eleventh re:publica will be opening its doors. We’re betting on great weather and have put together quite the fantastic programme package for you, if we don’t say so ourselves. Why not take a look, because: the schedule for the #rp17 is here!


This year, the labore:tory will be re:publica’s playground where attendees interact, play, and get inspired by creative innovators. 


14 tracks, 500 hours, 700 speakers – keeping an overview with this much on offer isn’t easy, but we’ll be taking you through it, bit by bit. In this second edition, the programme team presents you more from the #rp17.



14 tracks, 500 hours, 700 speakers – keeping an overview with this much on offer isn’t easy, but we’ll be taking you through it, bit by bit. The programme team presents the #rp17.


Last year, we successfully worked together with a programme committee for the first time. We’d like to repeat that for #rp17 and expand it further. We’re thrilled about the commitment of these experts, who will be offering up their time to support the program team in an advisory capacity!


We are so happy to announce the first sessions! By now several of 2017’s sessions and speakers from our Call for Participation are up on our website and many more will certainly be added within the next few weeks.

re:publica Dublin 2016

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In the coming days we will be publishing our full programme for re:publica Dublin. Check it out, be inspired and come visit our very first international event in Ireland! 

re:publica 2016

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You have been waiting for this: Starting today, check out the #rpTEN programme schedule, find sessions that appeal to you and even put together your very own session plan for 2 – 4 May.


We know you have been waiting for this: By now several of this year’s sessions and speakers are up on our website, many more will certainly be added within the next few weeks. 

re:publica 2014

News #rp14


The first 100 sessions received and accepted through our Call for Papers have been put online. You can start right now and begin planning this year’s route through talks, workshops, discussions and actions.

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