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re:connecting Europe 2017

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WOMEX – the World Music Expo – took place for the first time in 1994 and has developed into one of the largest conferences in the global music scene. As music moves not only analogically but also digitally, WOMEX is for the first time a partner of the re: publica and will accompany us in the re: connecting Europe to Dublin and Thessaloniki. Here, you will learn about the role music plays in the digital age.


As usual, the three days of re:publica have gone by too fast. What also remains, as usual, are the memories of faces and discussions, lectures and encounters – and, the certainty that we will meet again on the web. A guest contribution by Mircosoft Germany.


Digitalization is playing an important role in our business and personal everyday life. In order to further this exchange within the organization, GIZ has conducted an internal competition – and six ideas have been developed.

re:publica 2017

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For the first time our partner degewo will be part of this year’s 11th re:publica with a special project - the "degewo Innovation Award: Smart Up the City 2017". It is a competition for new technologies, services and business models around the real estate sector and aims at founders and startups. Everyone who is interested is invited to the launch event on May 9th.


This year, the federal state representation of Saarland (Landesvertretung Saarland), is taking part for the second time is a partner  and hosts a talk in the White Room at the Station Berlin. Before the closing event, we will talk with State Secretary Jürgen Lennartz, Head of the State Chancellery and delegate to the Federation of Berlin and Uwe Conradt, Director of the regional media authority in Saarland (Landesmedienanstalt Saarland) and Managing Director of Saarland Medien GmbH.


Musik and technology go together like peanut butter and jelly, or something of the sorts. In any case, the two can no longer be regarded as individual entities, but need to be reconsidered as equals!


The digital age changes everything about the way we live and work. But not only here in Europe – also in countries such as Rwanda and Bangladesh. 


In 2017, Microsoft will again be the partner of re:publica. We will be presenting products like the Microsoft HoloLens, Surface Studio or Microsoft Teams together with partners and customers under the motto #Schichtwechsel.


The issue concerning the future necessity of HR is currently a widely debated topic and is definitely an initiative that personnel decision-makers should be paying attention to.


We’re looking forward to the future and are happy to leave pessimistic predictions to others. We’re shaping our tomorrow, making it colourful and worth living, innovative and passionate. At this year’s re:publica, we at Daimler will be unveiling our colourful visions of the future.


The digital charter initiative will be bringing its #DigitalCharta Con to re:publica 2017.


Gaining experience from a stay abroad is digitally possible, thanks to digitalization that offers broad opportunities for exchange.


Through the interaction with the Internet of Things, intelligent devices and digital assistants like Siri, Alexa or Cortana, we now have more or less intelligent personal assistants knocking at the front doors of private households and companies alike.


“MY GOD; WHAT IF'…!” these words start off the Frankfurter Buchmesse’s talk title at re:publica 2017 in Berlin and it’s about sci-fi! Those who want more should visit Frankfurter Buchmesse from 11th to 15th of October 2017. BookTubers, cosplayers, bloggers – the weekend during the Frankfurter Buchmesse promises to be colourful.

re:publica Dublin 2016

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In our three-part series, our media partner euro | topics examines some of the issues relevant to Ireland – and to Europe as a whole. Part two focuses on the implications of Brexit for the digital economy in the UK and Europe.


In a new, three-part series, our partner eurotopics will illuminate some of the topics most relevant to Ireland – and to Europe as a whole. Part one is about the tax issues Apple is currently facing in Ireland.

re:publica 2016

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In a series of articles published in cooperation with our media partner euro|topics we examine how the refugee crisis is being dealt with on the web. In the fifth and final article euro|topics looks at how refugees are sharing their experiences in the countries where they now live.


In a series of articles published in cooperation with our media partner euro|topics we examine how the refugee crisis is being dealt with on the web. The fourth article in the series looks at how smartphones are helping refugees survive. 


In a series of articles published in cooperation with our media partner euro|topics we examine how the refugee crisis is being dealt with on the web. The third article in the series looks at who benefits from the anti-refugee propaganda circulating on the Internet. 


In cooperation with our media partner euro|topics, we want to show with this series how the refugee crisis is being portrayed on the web. In the second part, euro|topics observes how people's inhibitions about making racist comments online have fallen away.


As last year, we restart a series in cooperation with our media partner euro|topics. In the run-up to #rpTEN we want to show how the refugee crisis is being portrayed on the web. In the first part euro|topics explores the question of how the picture of the dead Syrian toddler Alan Kurdi went viral and changed public perception of the refugee crisis.


The Refugees Emancipation project focuses on providing Internet access to refugees. In today's guest contribution they tell how the project came to be.

re:publica 2015

Contributions #rp15


Saskia Sassen gives us an update on her new book "Expulsions: Brutality and Complexity in the Global Economy" after her much-noticed talk at last years re:publica.


The sixth, and last, part of our Finding Europe series by our media partner euro|topics explores how European media deals with anonymity on the Internet.


The fifth installment of our Finding Europe series by our media partner euro|topics tackles the issue of net neutrality.


The fourth article of our Finding Europe series by our media partner euro|topics explores how Europe deals with cyberwarfare.


The third article of our Finding Europe series by our media partner euro|topics deals with the (in)dependence of online journalism.


Today we present the second piece of our Finding Europe series by our media partner euro|topics: Europe debates the costs and benefits of big data.


Today we start a new series under our heading Finding Europe: in the first piece our media partner euro|topics looks at how whistleblowers are viewed across the continent.

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