poetry of code – introduction to creative coding 2/2

Arts & Culture
re:connecting Europe 2017

Short thesis: 

The term "Creative Coding" refers to the computer programming practice as a medium of expression and creation. It is an interdisciplinary field that combines computer science with arts, design and humanities. It is used in graphic design and architecture (computational design), to create live visuals and VJing, multimedia installations, audio technology, advertising, product design and more.


Creative coding philosophy deals with the approaches that computer technology can become more accessible to artists and designers and explores the role that concepts such as 'algorithm' or 'computational thinking' can play in the creative process.

The workshop is aimed at  artists of all specialties and levels, architects, designers, performers, code enthusiasts, or anyone interested in using programming as a creative discipline to express themselves through image, sound, animation and more. Participants of this workshop will be introduced to basic techniques and approaches of computational design with processing.

Attendees should bring their own laptop.

The workshop will be held @ Ypsilon - Edessis 5

Wednesday, September 13, 2017 - 12:00 to 14:00




Interactive Developer
co-founder, new media technologist