Digital Tools: Connecting Classrooms – Fostering Creativity

Research & Education
re:connecting Europe 2017

Short thesis: 

Digital tools are not only improving the life of people but also changing the heart of education. How can the life of learners and daily classroom practices be affected by technology? Can digital technology create the right conditions for all students to develop their creativity and critical thinking? Does it effect cultural changes? This session aims at providing insight into the amazing possibilities of digital tools to people in the field of education, technology enthusiasts and anyone interested in using digital technology creatively.


Education is the most powerful way to change the world. We are also changing the world with technology. What happens when technology and education integrate? This session will present ideas and examples from projects related to connecting students, teachers and classrooms with a strong emphasis on building connections around the globe and collaborating while challenging themselves with educational robotics, digital literacy, global awareness, creative writing and art creation, reflection and evaluation of their own work.

How can a variety of ICT applications and web 2.0 tools and a collaborative platform, such as eTwinning, make a difference when they are used in the classroom? They can enable learners to be digital story tellers, write collaborative poems, produce radio shows, build autonomous robots using Lego Mindstorms technology, hold online meetings, create digital museums, use online voting tools and evaluate their work.

Through this meet up, you will have the opportunity to see how digital tools and collaborative platforms and networks inspire learners to learn, question, create and communicate.  How else can people meet the challenges of life?

Breakout Area
Monday, September 11, 2017 - 19:15 to 19:45




Teacher of English