Are digitized cultural artworks connected with ancient artifacts & history?

Arts & Culture
re:connecting Europe 2017

Short thesis: 

The question of repatriation of cultural objects or works of art is highly controversial, and given the legal and political perspectives of the argument. A virtual place can offer temporarily solution. Also, It is worth examine how a “virtual museum” rebuilds something that no longer exists e.g. the Palmyra site in Syria. Can digital media be beneficial for the cultural issues? Can they be used to increase people's cultural awareness? Will people understand more the importance of the Parthenon sculptures' repatriation by seeing them all together in an online environment? Or an online platform is the solution to see the Parthenon monument in one place. How strongly are the digitized cultural artworks connected with the real ancient culture and history?


The aim of this session is to discuss if there is a real connection of digitized cultural artworks with the real ancient culture. How the virtual representation of cultural objects can change people's attitude for their cultural identity. The  Parthenon monument is the greatest example of the western civilization. People around the world support the request of Parthenon marbles' repatriation. Now only an online exhibition can collects the Parthenon's sculptures in one place and people would admire the beauty of this monument, as a single piece of art. Does an online representation help people to understand the importance of the Parthenon sculptures' repatriation?

The technologies such as 3D modeling, VR representation are consider the only possible way for preserve cultural identities (e.g Syrian: creating the #NewPalmyra) However the danger of a new form of colonialism is big, institutions and museums hold 3D scan objects under copyright and the local residents have lack of control over the digital creations, dissemination, and interpretation of their digitized sites.

Digital cultural heritage will shape a new form of human cultural identity. What ways will it use to protect the cultural identity of every nation?




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Monday, September 11, 2017 - 20:15 to 20:45