Apps for Dublin & Thessaloniki


They make the conference day so much easier – #rpEurope apps for iOS and Android! Credit: re:publica App by Thomas Kollbach

This year, we're again being supported by some awesome developers, who have been working hard on coding re:publica apps.

Thanks to the great work done by OpenDataCity (ODC) for their re:data interface, the app developers can pull all re:publica conference raw data that we provide in JSON format. Technical details can be found here. Several developers have again snapped up this #rp17 data and created really useful iOS and Android apps for all re:publica attendees. Give them a try and see which one is best for you:


re:publica Europe is developed by Thomas 'toto' Kollbach. The app is available in German and English and is optimised for iPads as well. Particularly useful: it can link to your Apple Watch, so you can access all important information straight from your wrist. Offline available data ensures that you won't miss any talks due to (the occasional) flaky Wi-Fi. Favourites and special memories can be configured via iCloud. Videos and conference live-streams can also be viewed in the app.
re:publica App: iOS 9.0 and higher, for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch.


re:publica Europe 2017 is developed by Hannes Küttner. The app provides you with a clear overview of all the sessions and speakers attending the conference. In this conference planner you can easily mark your favorites and start planning. You can receive notifications for all session in your personal schedule. It includes a calendar view, a map of the venue with the stages and all recent news of the re:publica Europe 2017. The app features a beautiful design with  seletable themes. Using it you can enjoy the conference and always be informed and organized – thanks to offline functionality the app works flawlessly even without internet.

Android App:  Android 4.0.3 or higher


Conferience is a web-app to engage your audience at any kind of event, facilitating direct interaction among organizers, presenters, and researchers. It is ideal for any kind of event such as lectures, presentations, conferences, trade shows, polling, training courses, seminars, focus groups, research & internal (corporate executive) meetings.