#rpEUROPE: The Winners of our Travel Funding Giveaway!


Come with us to #rpEUROPE!

We recently held a giveaway for two travel vouchers and a limited edition re:publica duffle bag for our field trip to the #rpDUB in Dublin and #rpTHE in Thessaloniki. We asked you to show us what you‘d be packing on your trip to help connect Europe. You rose to the occasion and, using the #rpEUROPE hashtag, put your creativity on display on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Needless to say, we were more than impressed!

A great big thank you to everyone who participated! Two lucky winners will now be getting their re:publica trip and ticket from us. Yay! Read more on the winners and their submissions below.

re:connecting EUROPE is a project which aims to network the digital society in Europe even further. Thanks to the support from the German Federal Foreign Office, re:publica is heading to Dublin for the second time and to Thessaloniki for our first conference in Greece. There, we will be discussing the challenges facing entrepreneurs, activists and artists throughout Europe. Take a look at what participants would take with them to help bring people closer together: 

Winner from Ireland:

What items will I need to connect Europe? All are under my umbrella :) #rpEUROPE #rpDUB pic.twitter.com/bFVwLb43XE

— Maria Dimitrakarakou (@dimitrakarakou) 8. August 2017

Winner from Greece:

Bring my Lady 1337 @usbtypewriter and with bluegreen ribbon type of digital hope: postcards & tweets simultaneously #rpTHE #rpEUROPE #typeon pic.twitter.com/XliFLSwpua

— kultur ✭ propaganda (@k_propaganda) 10. August 2017

You can find all further posts at  #rpEUROPE.

Photocredit: @k_propaganda