#rpDUB recap – Actions Towards a Responsible Internet of Things


Participants at the IoT panel at re:publica Dublin

The strong growing rate of data and devices predicts over 20 billion connected devices by 2020. re:publica Dublin offered room for open discussion about the Internet of Things. The talk "Trust me! The need for security and transparency in innovation age" raised questions like: What makes a service or device trustworthy? How can we ensure, that personal data is secured and handled in responsible way?

Personal Data Receipt

“Within the IoT world, privacy in general is a right to decide on your own terms, whether to share information or not”, Angelo Capossele of Digital Catapult explains. The IoT data technologist is working on the project "Personal Data Receipt". It helps consumers to understand the use of personal data. It also supports business organisations to follow the “General Data Protection Regulation”.

Trust Cards – a checklist for research organisations and developers

It is necessary to provide tools for the innovation ecosystem to educate about privacy related topics. The IoT European Platforms Initiative created a checklist for developers and research organizations. “We are using the 'Trust Cards' within our own research project, to address certain challenges in the early product development phase of IoT solutions. We also educate and prepare the society towards the era of digitization”, explains Richa Sharma of Fraunhofer IAIS. The “Trust Cards” act as a reminder for sensitive topics: How can an easy-to-understand privacy policy be designed? How can participants withdraw from data sharing? In this way the Trust Cards encourage to resist trading security for utility. We are eager to hear more about the project’s developments!

Photo credit: re:publica (CC BY 2.0)