What are the ticket prices for #rpDUB & #rpTHE?

Early Bird

#rpDUB: Standard: 50 € 
#rpTHE: Standard: 25 €


#rpDUB:Standard: 70 €
#rpTHE: Standard: 35 €
Combined Ticket for #rpDUB + #rpTHE: 99 €

All prices include VAT and handling costs.

You can order tickets online until 11:55 pm CEST on 6/10 September 2017 (#rpDUB/#rpTHE). Please note that you have to redeem the ticket voucher until that time too. Afterwards you can still get your ticket at the box office. The prices may differ.

** Pupils, students, trainees, people on social welfare, retirees and people with disabilities can order a reduced ticket. To receive a discount code just send an email to ticket (at) re-publica.de.