What is Agora Reworks?

re:pubilca teams up with Reworks and their Agora setup. For re:publica in Thessaloniki you may purchase tickets that allow you to attend re:publica as well as Reworks Agora and a concert of German pianist Hauschka.

"Agora" in Ancient Greece was the gathering space where free citizens would meet in order to discuss important issues. Reworks Agora, the cross-thematic forum of the Reworks festival, is aiming for a similar forward-thinking approach to the future vision for creativity, presenting emerging topics, initiatives and artists that inspire the dialogue on the development of culture, entrepreneurship and technology. This year, Reworks Agora, under the theme of  “2030: What’s next?” will focus on future scenarios that will shape the rapidly changing world, explore trends and identify risks and opportunities for a sustainable future through culture.