Registration is open. All those interested should contact us directly at: help(at)re-publica.de.

For your commitment to the helper team (one 8-hour-shift) you'll receive free entry to all #rpDUB or #rpTHE events outside of your shift and a re:publica team t-shirt. 


re:pubilca teams up with Reworks and their Agora setup. For re:publica in Thessaloniki you may purchase tickets that allow you to attend re:publica as well as Reworks Agora and a concert of German pianist Hauschka.

"Agora" in Ancient Greece was the gathering space where free citizens would meet in order to discuss important issues. Reworks Agora, the cross-thematic forum of the Reworks festival, is aiming for a similar forward-thinking approach to the future vision for creativity, presenting emerging topics, initiatives and artists that inspire the dialogue on the development of culture, entrepreneurship and technology. This year, Reworks Agora, under the theme of  “2030: What’s next?” will focus on future scenarios that will shape the rapidly changing world, explore trends and identify risks and opportunities for a sustainable future through culture.

Pupils, students, trainees, members of a federal volunteers service, people on social welfare, retirees and people with disabilities may send an email to ticket (at) re-publica.de top recieve a discount code. Please provice documents proving your status in your email.

#rpDUB re:publica Dublin, Sep 7 - 8
at the Light House Cinema
Market Square, Smithfield, D07 R6YE, 7 Dublin, Ireland

#rpTHE re:publica Thessaloniki, Sep 11 - 13*
at the Cinema Museum of Thessaloniki
Warehouse A, Pier A, 546 25 Thessaloniki, Greece

*You may need an additional Reworks Agora+ ticket for Sep 13.

Yes. Teachers or professors who plan to visit the re:publica with either a school group, student group or university course, can contact ticket(at)re-publica.de.

Early Bird

#rpDUB: Standard: 50 € 
#rpTHE: Standard: 25 €


#rpDUB:Standard: 70 €
#rpTHE: Standard: 35 €
Combined Ticket for #rpDUB + #rpTHE: 99 €

All prices include VAT and handling costs.

You can order tickets online until 11:55 pm CEST on 6/10 September 2017 (#rpDUB/#rpTHE). Please note that you have to redeem the ticket voucher until that time too. Afterwards you can still get your ticket at the box office. The prices may differ.

** Pupils, students, trainees, people on social welfare, retirees and people with disabilities can order a reduced ticket. To receive a discount code just send an email to ticket (at) re-publica.de.

Ticket cancellation is only possible for privately held tickets and must take place by 5 September 2017. Cancellation fees are €5, plus handling fees. Overall cancellation fees for Standard Tickets are a total of €7,09 (#rpTHE) €8,45 (#rpDUB).

A link with information about cancellation is inside your order confirmation e-mail that was sent to you right after your ticket purchase. In case you are unable to find that email, you may contact the Xing Event Team via: www.xing-events.com/help/ticketbuyer. 

To save cancellation fees, it is also possible to sell a ticket you already purchased and have the name on the ticket changed accordingly. In that case, check the FAQ How do I transfer my ticket to another person?

It turns out that I can’t make it to re:publica after all and so I would like to transfer my ticket to someone else. How do I go about doing this?  

Not a problem. If you want to sell your ticket or gift it to someone then use the link provided in your confirmation e-mail, that was sent to you right after your ticket purchase. Please note that transfers can only be done until 5th September 2017 and that ticket prices cannot be reimbursed. So, if the ticket to be transferred is not a gift then it is up to you and the new recipient to work out your own payment method. Of course, you can still sell your ticket even if the 5th September  2017 deadline has passed. However, passed that date we won’t be able to change the original name on the ticket and nametag to that of the new attendee’s. There will however be blank nametags available on location at the accreditation desk, which can be filled out by hand.

If you have any further questions, simply send a short e-mail to: ticket (at) re-publica.de. 

No worries, besides buying an ticket you have to two options for attending #rpDUB or #rpTHE – and they are both free:

  • Become a helper
    During re:publica in Thessaloniki and Dublin we are depending on the support from volunteer helpers. As a helper you will receive a Standard Ticket in exchange for 4-5 hours of work, including catering. Interested? Let us know via help (at) re-publica.de
  • Become a speaker
    Submit a talk, a workshop, a discussion panel or another form of action and thus apply to be part of the re:publica programme!

No. Children up to and including 16 years of age have free admission. Depending on how old your child looks like, it may need an ID to prove his/her age.

Yes, we offer special fares for groups. Please send your inquiries for group tickets to ticket (at) re-publica.de.

Call for Participation

Take part in our Call for Participation! From 29 May 2017 on you can submit your session idea. Please register at our website and submit a new session form for each idea. A detailed description can be found below. A little hint: the more precise and complete the information you submit, the easier for us to select your session.

No. We use this system since 2014, so if you spoke or applied for one of the last re:publicas, you only need to update your account. Log in with your details. On the main page you see the note “re:connecting Europe 2017: Please register first.” on the top right. Click on it, then click the green "Join" button below to confirm the process.

Please note: If you spoke at re:publica 2013 or earlier, we created an account for you automatically. If you want to use it, please send us an email so we can help: programme(at)re-publica.de.

We need information concerning your session idea including the title, topic, format (talk, discussion round, workshop, meetup, action) and the relevant conference track if applicable. Session suggestion must be in English.

Firstly, only fully completed submissions will be considered.

The quality of the submission and its relevance within the full event programme are both vital selection criteria.

The Call for Participation is structured in three deadlines: The first deadline ends on 18 June 2017, the second ends on 30 June 2017, and the third and final one ends on 15 July 2017. Within each stage, submissions will be accepted until 23:59. Submissions received after this cut-off time will be rolled into the next submission stage.

Please note: Submissions handed in after the third and final deadline cannot be accepted.

After passing the relevant submission stage deadline, we will contact you regarding your session's acceptance or rejection.

On the day your session will take place. We'd appreciate getting your finished presentation 2 days before your talk though.

Only your short session description will be published online. We’d suggest making this short description informative and well formulated when submitting, in order to get us and the conference participants interested in your session. Also, make it short but sweet (hardly anyone reads more than half a page, so your session's description is limited to 2,000 caracters).

No, unfortunately not.

Tickets are not refundable. But you can resell your ticket or gift it to someone. For that send an email to ticket [at] re-publica.de. 

No, unfortunately not.

If you could not come to re:publica without travel reimbursement from our side, please state that in the comment section of the session and we'll try to find a solution. 


We do not, however, accept product presentations or company marketing presentations. If your company is interested in cooperating or partnering with re:publica, please use our contact form or send us a message to: partner(at)re-publica.de.

Stage programme slots are allocated through the programme team. You can request 15, 30 or 60 minutes. 

If you submit a performative session, action, installation or something similar, you won't require a stage location. This means your session can have more time allocated to it. Please submit this  under the “General Conditions” heading during your session submission.

  1. Go to the registration page. If you were a participant at a re:publica event since 2014, you just need to update your profile.

  2. You can already start to fill out and complete your speaker profile or finish this at a later time. You'll need to already provide a picture in the required dimensions. Please note, your speaker profile must be fully completed by the end of the CfP deadline to be accepted.

  3. If you want to create a new speaker profile then follow these steps:

    In the first part of the form please fill in your personal information (first and last name, profile picture, country, …)

    Select a user name. (Tip: if you use a combination of your first and last name it'll be easier for us to find you in our system, in case we have to contact you.)

    After clicking the “Create New User Account” choose your username. It will be visible to all website users. We recommend using a FirstnameLastname scheme.

  4. Enter a valid e-mail address.

  5. After completing registration you will be forwarded to the home page again and receive an activation link via your submitted e-mail address. Please note that this might take up to 15 minutes depending on your e-mail provider – and please also check your spam folder... Click the link and set a password.

  6. When you're logged in you will find a menu bar (black and grey bar on the top of the page) and your user dashboard:

    • User dashboard: Here you'll find your dashboard with latest news, profile information, your submitted sessions.

    • To edit your profile click "edit" below the menu bar and find your user account were you can change your e-mail address and password, as well as your "Speaker profile" where you can edit & complete your speaker profile.

    • My events: Here you can switch between the events of the last years if you where already registered back then.

    • To submit a session go to "User account" (your dashboard) where you find the field "Create Session" and can click on "Add content > Session" to create a session proposal

    • My content: here you'll find your submitted proposal and may edit them as necessary.

  7. Now: Click "Add content > session" and simply fill out all fields related to your session proposal.

  8. Feel free to save and continue at a later date – but remember: Your sessions should be completed prior to the deadline of your respective submission stage or, at the very latest, by 15 July 2017.

  9. Add speakers to your sessions. If you are planning several speakers into your session, all of them need to register and create a profile. Once you know their username, please add the usernames to the "speakers" field in the form. Make sure to wait for the autocomplete that verifies the speaker name with our database. You can add the further speakers once we accepted you proposal.

  10. Once you saved your session and can access it from your dashboard, also the programme team can see it. That means it's submitted and you don't need to do anything else. 

  11. Celebrate, your session is fully filled out and submitted on time! Or go back to Step 7 and submit more session proposals.

All speaker profiles are public and visible to non-registered users on the system (personal information will remain hidden). 

If your idea for a session has been rejected we can delete your profile. For that send an email to: programme(at)re-publica.de.

As long as you can access your session from the dashboard whilst logged in, it is saved and submitted correctly. You don't need to do anything else. 

Your session will be published once we accepted it for the conference programme. But no worries, we'll inform you via email before we'll publish it.


You will be able to change the session proposal at any time. Though if you change it after the Call for Papers deadline you should notify us.

Please note: We will also contact you in the event that you need to edit your session submission before we can publish it.


The programme team and the programme advisers assess all submission during and following each of the three submission stages until the final deadline, and decides which make the cut to the final event programme. You will receive a timely message following the end of your relevant submission stage. If your suggestion is rejected you have the opportunity to rework it and again submit within the next submission stage. 

We feature a broad programme, so along with old and proven formats we like to try and test out new forms of communication. You can submit a talk, a discussion, or workshop, as well as a meetup, and other “action”. For example:

  • Talks and Discussions are based on the content prepared by the individual speaker. Make sure to plan in some time for follow-up Q&As from the audience.


  • Workshops strive for exchanges between and cooperative work between host and participants. Thus, they should feature a clear learning goal. Please consider carefully who and how many you want to reach. Maybe you want to give several of the same workshop with changing levels of difficulty?


  • During a Meetup you join up with like-minded people at a predetermined spot within the re:publica grounds. You come together with others to discuss and exchange a specific topic and grow your network of contacts.


  • “Action”, for us, is anything that doesn't require a stage or a set time frame whilst making re:publica fun and exciting: from hands-on activities, installations, exhibits, surveys to DJ sets and flash mobs!