Lost and Found at #rp15


Lost & Found; credit: Jeff Mikels (CC BY-SA 2.0)

7000 people in one place over the course of three days – inevitably some things will get lost. Some items have already been returned to their owners, but others are still waiting to be picked up. Below are some brief descriptions of the found objects still with us. So if you are missing something and think you recognize it from the description and photos below, then send us an email to info@re-publica.de and give us some details (size, brand, etc.) about the item in question.

1) Black laptop – please specify the brand

2) Black Canon camera with case – please tell us the exact model and the photos that are on it

3) Black North Face jacket – please specify the size and contents of the pockets

4) White charger – please indicate the brand and other features

5) Two pairs of sunglasses – please specify the brand in each case

6) Two cell phone casings – one black case “Alpine”, and one grey felt case

7) White pedometer

 8) Snap hook with green plastic brand

9) Kids’ book “Mein erstes Buggybuch”

10) Audio jack

11) Ladies’ jeans jacket – please specify the brand

12) Black tie

13) Moleskine notebook A6

14) Grey glittery jumper with a black T-shirt underneath

15) Black buttoned cardigan

16) Grey hoodie with zipper

17) Patterned scarf

photo credit top image: Bildnachweis ganz oben: re:publica/ Jeff Mikels (CC BY-SA 2.0)