George Palamas

George Palamas

co-founder, new media technologist

George Palamas holds a PhD in artificial intelligence and bio-inspired robotics, from South Wales University. In 2010 he founded, along with Panayiotis Palantas, the creative technology agency Artefact.  Since then he works as a new media engineer, collaborating with people from the entire spectrum of artistic and creative expression, building interactive environments and experiences. 

He has worked for the Institutes of Computer Science and Computational Mathematics, Foundation for Research and Technology (FORTH) and from 2004 until 2010 he was part-time lecturer in the Department of Applied Informatics & Multimedia, TEI of Crete, in robotics, computer vision and computer graphics.

Recently, he has organised a series of workshops on creative coding, exploring the synergy between a variety of design principles and computational methods and how these are shaping the way designers practice design, but also how people perceive and interact with the designer's outcome.

He was also a curator of Theta Creative Coding Festival and Form Follows Code exhibition. 


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