[all day] create your europeanpa55port

re:connecting Europe 2017


This participatory artwork will challenge notions of national identity using transnational European identity as an alternative. Dependent upon members of the public taking part by working with their own passport covers this work will instigate, develop and maintain a conversation surrounding the relevance of national and European identity as BREXIT approaches.


In February 2016, in the run up to the UK’s referendum on membership of the EU, artist David Blackmore wrote to the European Commission requesting a non-nation specific European passport, in return for which he was willing to revoke both his Irish and British citizenships.

The request was declined, in writing seven months later ‘because such a passport does not exist’. In response to this reply, Blackmore removed the national emblems from both his Irish and British passports. The process of which was recorded and disseminated through a dedicated website www.europeanpa55port.com. The website acts as a call to action for those who identify with European identity to modify their passports as a form of resistance against the nationstate and as a challenge to the European Union to develop a truly transnational identity.

As an extension of this digitally presented artwork, Blackmore will run a daylong drop-in workshop at re:publica Dublin 2017. Participants will be required to bring their passports. Using erasers individuals will rub away the national emblems from these representations of national identity in order to explore and discuss their own geopolitical sense of belonging to the wider transnational community of Europe. Photocopies of these non-nation specific passports shall then be exhibited as they are produced on the walls of re: publica Dublin presenting participants and visitors with an alternative sense of belonging. For those not willing to work with their actual passports but who are interested in exploring the idea of European transnationalism an alternative process will be made available. Those not willing to work with their actual passports will be able to explore the idea of European transnationalism through photomontage to obscure the national emblems on photocopies of their passports.

Donnerstag, 7. September 2017 - 11:45 bis 12:15